Finding and motivating the right people

Finding and motivating the right people

We’re interested in more than filling positions and meeting quotas. Our goal is to connect our clients with skilled professionals that fit both their technical and cultural contexts.

Our process starts with a Discovery stage aimed at delving deep into an organization’s idiosincracy and finding the key cultural elements that help people thrive in that specific working envirironment.

Based on those findings we explore internal and external channels until we reach a set of candidates aligned with the opportunity.

Our adapted methodologies and vast network allow us to find stand out collaborators who are aligned with an organization’s goals and culture, and keeping clear communication and empathy throughout every stage of the process is our diferential value.

Building sustainable, high-impact teams

Building sustainable, high-impact teams

Our team stands out in the recruitment industry for our ability to set up entire teams and business units from scratch.

The Discovery stage for these projects is far more exploratory and thorough; aimed specifically at defining strategic, commercial and practical criteria to draft a target team structure.

Once we move to the Recruiting stage we begin with the most immediately critical for the team to be: securing key strategic profiles and then adjusting hiring priorities accordingly.

From Marketing management teams to entire Engineering squads, we have the experience and tools to assemble high-performing teams that fulfil their role within an organization’s bigger picture.

Making work environments better

Making work environments better

Finding the right people is just a part of what we do: building safe cultures and work environments where people feel comfortable are two of the most challenging aspects of modern company building.

Clients who are struggling with turnover and retention rates approach us looking to foster the proper conditions for each member of the team to find value in the relationship with their job and minimize the noise that leads to job searching.

Through observation and interviews with the team we draft a set of recommendations to take on opportunities to improve employee welfare and satisfaction.

Adjusting HR practices, internal communication habits, benefits, incentives, performance review systems and sometimes even changes to phisycal space has the potential to renew a team’s energy and have a surprising impact on business results.

We don’t sell solutions:
we create strategies.

Nothing in what we do is cookie-cutter. The true impact of our work comes from strategic, long-term partnerships with organizations that are willing to challenge and modernize how they build relationships with collaborators.

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