The client

A financial institution founded over 40 years ago, Banco Comafi is one of our more traditional clients, as well as one of the fastest growing private banks in the last few years.

The bank caters to private clients and companies, offering services to individuals, startups, small to medium businesses, corporations, comex, investing, trading, private banking, and fiduciary businessess.

The context

In 2018 the bank underwent an organizational overhaul that led to a period of steep growth, expanding their operation throughout all of Argentina which caused the need to reinforce their HR team, which had been decimated in previous re-structurings.

The main recruiting challenge was to cover a series of positions for the bank’s call centers, internally recognized as a training ground for the banks’ future managers, which meant a constant outflow of talent to other sections of the bank. We were also in charge of setting up an internship program for promesing young professionals.

The challenge

With how reduced the HR structure was, this project required us to design an efficient workflow that wouldn’t overload a team that was already working at full capacity.

We tackled this by designing a process to conduct interviews over the phone, which drastically reduced the workload for recruiters.

We also set up Assessment Centers for each type of role, minimizing the stages each candidate had to go through.Another challenge was to help candidates overcome their prejudice of call centers, and letting them know that, in Comafi’s case, call centers are genuine stepping stones towards long-term careers within the organization, a path with very real growth opportunities.

Candidates realized just how much impact these positions have in the company thanks to a series of group activities we conducted for those who advanced in the process; spaces for debate, hipothetical scenarios, crisis simulation, and negotiation sessions, among others. With specific performance reports for each person joining the team.

Assessment Center — A custom hiring process designed to reduce workload for recruiters.

Human Resources — We re-inforced the team and provided the necessary tools to lead a company-wide overhaul.
Call Center — Implemented a strategy to effectively conduct several hiring processes at once.

The results

The client was impressed with how quickly we managed to deliver value and complete the program, as well as the flexibility we showed in designing and implementing a series of custom hiring processes that fit their specific context.

This was a learning experience for us, as we had never conducted a recruiting process like this one for a banking institution.

Our goal is to leverage what we learned and keep building this sort of long-term strategic partnership.